Online virtual guided tour at the Royal Palace of Gödöllő

Online virtual guided tour at the Royal Palace of Gödöllő


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We personally guide you through the representitive rooms of the palace, exclusively for you!

Follow the steps through the royal apartments of Queen Elizabeth, Franz Joseph and their children. You will take part in this private visit to experince the sites and stories of the beautiful Palace.

With your purchase you will also be able to use this ticket in person to visit The Royal Palace in the future, when opening hours have been reinstated.

Shall the tour begin?

After purchasing the virtual private tour, with the help of your given contact and the time that you request, a Facebook platform will be used to journey you through the ages to follow in Queen Elizabezh's footsteps.

This purchase is valid for your virtual tour and in person for one year after date of official Palace re-opening (now closed due to COVID - 19)

When ordering, please select free delivery/only in case of ticket purchase, then select the Simplpay credit card payment method


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